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We work with a global network of technical experts and specialists and build project teams that are tailored around each of our client’s needs. Some of our experts are featured here:

Dr Christof Walter | Christof Walter Associates
Dr. Christof Walter

Dr Christof Walter is an agri-supply chain expert working with multinational companies in the branded goods, retail and financial industries. He has been involved in corporate sustainable sourcing since 2000 and works on all aspects of sustainable agriculture, from muddy boots to the board room. Before founding his own company he had a career in Unilever and was instrumental in creating the company’s industry-leading sustainable sourcing programme. He has worked in agri-sourcing globally, covering a wide range of arable crops like cereals, rice, oil seeds, potatoes, tomatoes, onions and other vegetables; perennial crops like oil palm, tea, cassava and cocoa; and wild-harvested crops.

Christof has a PhD in horticultural sciences from the University of Hannover, Germany and studied agronomy, ecology, economics and climate sciences. He is the vice-chair of the Independent Science Panel of CCAFS, the Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security Program of the CGIAR, and sits on the Sustainability Council Earth Capital Partners LLP, chaired by Tom Burke.

Together with Jon Hillier and Pete Smith at the University of Aberdeen and with Daniella Malin at the Sustainable Food Lab, Christof developed the Cool Farm Tool, a simple and farmer-focused greenhouse gas calculator for farming; and set up the Cool Farm Alliance, with PepsiCo, Tesco, Heineken, Yara, Marks & Spencer, Unilever and Fertilizers Europe as founding members.

William van Bragt

Willian-van-Bragt | Christof Walter AssociatesWilliam van Bragt has spent a lifetime in the horticultural industry advising and supplying growers with planting material and technical advice. He specialises in supply chain development for global retailers, project diagnostic, management and logistics. William has worked extensively with smallholder farmers, taking them from push to pull markets through programmes training, selection and mentoring. William was instrumental in getting the first Rain Forest Alliance certified smallholder flowers into retail which since has led to the successful introduction of sweet yellow passion fruit by ASDA, also a UK first. William has also worked on a number of publicly funded projects, ranging from fruit, vegetables, coffee and tea in Africa to the improvement of workers health in Bangladeshi factories.

Steve Homer

Steve Homer | Christof Walter AssociatesSteve Homer is an agri-business and CSR standards consultant. He also provides commercial outreach and market linkage knowledge using extensive African experience with small farmers. His work involves the facilitation of export of meat, fresh fruit and vegetable products to European manufacturers and supermarkets.

Previously Group Corporate Responsibility Manger with Flamingo Holdings, a €500M international vegetable and flower company, Steve has also extensive experience of writing, managing and implementing private voluntary standards (PVS): He is a director of the GlobalGAP agriculture standard, chairs a number of Global Food Safety Initiative benchmarking committees, is a board member of the Ethical Trade Initiative, helped to develop the smallholders labour practice code for food retailers in the UK.

Johanna Rijkenberg

Johanna Rijkenberg | Christof Walter AssociatesJohanna has a decade of combined experience working as a marketing consultant for consumer goods companies and retailers, and as a commodity analyst in sustainable agriculture. She has worked across various sectors, from market to field (e.g. cocoa in Ghana and coffee in Vietnam & Nicaragua).

Johanna was instrumental in developing and implementing the data management and reporting system at UTZ Certified. She also worked on a strategy for cost/benefit analysis and was a lead on the publication of UTZ’s first impact report.

Johanna’s expertise lies in data analysis, supply chain analysis, monitoring & evaluation, standards/certifications and strategy development. Johanna enjoys the challenge of cutting through complexity to help our clients maneuver amongst the intricacies of today’s global economy.

Phil Emsley

Phil Emsley | Christof Walter AssociatesWith over ten years’ experience in the energy efficiency industry Philip is a Master in Building Energy Efficiency, a qualified air conditioning energy assessor and specialist in energy storage solutions. He is a founding Director of Power Efficient Energy Solutions and CEO of Green 2020 Ltd. Both companies specialize in energy efficiency, compliance and the provision of renewable energy solutions to complex multi-site users of energy.

Philip has held many senior roles in organisations including British Telecom, Marks and Spencer, the Government of New South Wales Australia and as International Sales Director for a US based software company that provided and implemented the World’s largest procurement hub.

Philip has worked on and delivered many projects in Australia, USA, Africa, Asia and Europe. He is a graduate of the University of the West of England, Bristol, England, where he received an honours degree in Systems Analysis and Design.

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