What we do

Core areas of work
Sustainable sourcing

In ten years, agriculture globally will look very different from today. Increasing populations, rising middle classes in developing countries and bioenergy place additional demand on agricultural products; while land, water and biological resources are limited and under additional stress from climate change and environmental degradation. We help our clients build robust and future-ready supply chains and tailored sustainable sourcing strategies that work for them, their customers, suppliers and farmers. We help them map their supply base, assess risks, engage with suppliers and farmers and secure supply in a sustainable way.

Technical due diligence

Commercial and social impact investors are re-discovering agriculture as a target sector for investment. However, understanding the risk, value and potential of an agricultural asset requires deep technical knowledge of agronomy, agri-business, food processing, the markets for the finished products, and environmental and social governance. We help our clients understand the risks and opportunities of agricultural assets and offer technical assurance at all stages of an investment, from identifying projects via feasibility studies and due diligence to post-investment performance assessment.

Standards and certification

Labels, certification schemes and standards play a role in many agricultural markets and are increasingly used by companies to affirm the sustainability of their raw materials. We have been involved in the development of sustainability, food safety and social standards, codes and technical implementation documents and help our clients navigate the sometimes confusing world of standards and certifications.

Feasibility and market studies

Companies are developing new supply chains for their agricultural raw materials to meet the demand of their growing markets. Investments in agri-business and agricultural assets are increasingly main-streamed. We help our clients understand the risks, opportunities and feasibility of new agricultural ventures and raw material sources, ensuring that they can make their decisions based on solid information and the best available technical expertise.

Skill base

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